Get Massive Legs: The Ultimate Workout To Get Impressive Wheels

Men’s Physique started a few years ago and it was the subject of a lot of jokes. Why? The pretty boys had legs that might give in anytime and it was obvious because they covered it up in board shorts. They had a good foundation when it comes to upper body mass. However, the lower body part was a lot to work on.

Leg training is important as it separates men from the boys. You’ve got to do it properly to show great results. Muscular Development shares this great leg workout to get you started.

Leg Workout | Get Massive Wheels In 12 Weeks

When done properly, no other workout is as gruelling or intense. Chances are that not many men have ever projectile vomited while training arms. But just about all of us have either puked after a tough set of squats or drops sets of leg presses, or came close enough to taste it making its way back up our esophagus. Read more…

T-Nation gives us four weeks to build bigger legs. Are you surprised? Just four weeks, bro.

What you need to do first is to take some time and focus more on your lower body. Make this as your priority and get those legs pumped up.

Guys make excuses for putting leg day behind. You’ve been ignoring your lower body and it’s not a good thing. It’s time to break away from that habit and start building solid muscles in your legs.

4 Weeks To Bigger Legs

For the next four weeks let’s put away the sleeveless shirts and give your beloved upper body a break. Cuz’ you’ve got bigger priorities, friend. At least, you should have. See those two pale, sickly looking tent-poles poking out from the bottom of your shorts? Read more…

Most lifters fear leg day. The thing is, you shouldn’t even skip it. You’ll find out that there are far more perfect methods of sculpting those legs. Anabolic Men says your leg muscles can be more defined. You can do this in a more natural way.

You can pump up some more muscle into those chicken legs. This problem can easily be resolved. It’s up to you whether you want to stay that way or you’d like a full form for your lower bod. In case you choose the second one, here are great fundamentals:

How to Build a Pair of Well-Defined Muscular Legs Naturally

No man needs to fit into skinny jeans, naturally trained muscular legs will fit into normal jeans just fine. So, stop wearing skinny jeans and get some power into those chicken legs. Read more…

Check this video from Vince Del Monte on How To Get BIGGER Legs:

You want to develop your legs and turn them into monsters, right? Check this one out. MusclepPharm’s Combat 100% Whey is going to make a lot of changes to your physique. The focus here is mass so it’s the right supplement for you.

This is going to satisfy your daily protein needs and it will eventually let your lower extremities get bigger. 

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Pacing Yourself While Running Is Important

Some find this activity tedious and hard. You head out and spend an hour doing this. You’re huffing and puffing when you get back from your usual run. But why is it that it gives you that feeling like you’re ready to quit? Are your lungs burning? Are you aching all over?

It’s possible that these may have something to do with your pacing. Remember, you have to learn how to set yourself at a challenging but achievable pace.

7 Expert Tips for Pacing Yourself on the Run

One reason for your burning lungs? You have trouble pacing yourself. Here’s your guide to learning how to set yourself at a challenging yet doable pace on your next run. Read more…

Running Competitor says that your pace should be considered as a big factor in your race strategies. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It should be something that’s considered carefully. It’s not only an art. It’s science as well.

No matter what kind of runner you are, you will perform in a bad way if you start to sprint without holding back. That’s why don’t get surprised if you feel like your breathing your last breath. The goal is to cover the distance between the start and finish lines as soon as possible. You must have a solid sense of your pace by then.

The Art Of Pacing Yourself In Running

Every runner, no matter how talented or well trained, will perform terribly in any race longer than 400 meters if he or she starts at a full sprint and holds nothing back. Read more…

Runners tend to go out too fast.  It happens a lot and it’s the most common mistake made when racing. In order to stop this, you have to train properly and know which kind of race pace is the right one for you.

Your improved sense of pace will help you with your races and your training runs. There’s pacing practice that lets you learn how to run faster in the second half of your competition. This is known as running “negative splits”

Pace Yourself

A second big reason not to be overeager at the beginning: A fast start increases your body temperature more quickly, which speeds up your sweat rate, thereby depriving you of much needed body fluids. As research has shown, even mild dehydration will significantly hamper your performance. Read more…

Matthew Hagy gives us more running tips:

It is important to maintain a lean body if you’re a runner. MusclePharm’s BCAA 3:1:2 can help you with that. It minimizes muscle damage while promoting lean muscle growth.

More than that, this formula is designed to help you recover faster in your workouts. That’s why if you want to do more, this drink is going to make it possible for you.

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Try To Do These Workout Techniques For Bigger Legs

JMaxFitness tells us the best way to enhance the size of your legs. It’s not going to be easy folks. It’s got something to do with pain. A lot of pain. That’s the answer how to pump muscle into your lower extremities.

Yes, we can all agree that genes play a role in the structure of your wheels. However, what you did as a kid and the activities that you performed during your teens actually affect the shape of your legs.

If you want to get rid of chicken legs, then it’s time to go into the details about the methods in order to add muscle to your lower extremities.

How to Get Bigger

If you know me, you know that I’m the opposite of “chicken legs”.  While part of it may be genetics, I want to tell you something:  I know what makes legs grow. Read more…

Muscle and Fitness talks about the tips and the right workout in order to maximize your leg work. These are the training principles you should follow. You must have a definite plan in order to build bigger and muscular legs.

Imagine, you can finally wear those shorts and show off those well-defined wheels. First, you have to keep in mind that functional exercises work better for your heavy sets. Next, you’ve got to ensure balance and stabilize your muscles.

5 Keys To Bigger Legs

Follow these leg training principles and the workout plan to build strong, muscular legs so great, you’ll want to wear shorts not only in the warm weather, but all year round. Read more…

Here’s T-Nation’s advice how to get huge wheels: take a short break from building your upper break, and start working your lower extremities. Don’t worry; it’s only for four weeks. That’s not too long right? The most important thing is to try to pump some muscle into your stick-like legs.

You might be ignoring them entirely, and that shouldn’t be the case. Everyone’s noticing them, except you so you better do something about it. Don’t be like most guys who neglect their wheels. Start pumping them up. 

4 Weeks To Bigger Legs

For the next four weeks let’s put away the sleeveless shirts and give your beloved upper body a break. Cuz’ you’ve got bigger priorities, friend. At least, you should have.  Read more…

Here’s a video from Vince Del Monte about “How To Get BIGGER Legs.”

MusclePharm’s Combat 100% Whey will definitely do the work for you. Adding quite a bit of a muscle to your lower body can get challenging. But with the help of this drink, you won’t have any problems.

What it does is that it mainly promotes lean muscle growth and provides enough nutrients for your muscles in order to refuel those that were lost during your intense workouts. 


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Elevate Your Metabolism Through Cardio Bursts says that cardio bursts are a must if you want to increase your metabolism and burn stubborn fat quickly. It’s even more effective when you combine it with your own exercises and insert some workouts in between sets. These can shed those pounds fast!

On another note, you’ll need to opt for an even more intense program to make it challenging for your body.  This includes bodyweight resistance exercises like jumps, hops, or high intensity cardio. This heightens your capability to burn calories and fat. It does all this while making your cardiovascular system recover quickly.

What is a Cardio Burst?

In order to burn fat and achieve results faster, you’ll need to incrementally increase the intensity of your program to challenge your body in new ways. Read more…

Heather Hitchcock from says that the intensity of your workouts is responsible for elevating your metabolism as well as increasing your weight loss capacity. When you include these exercises in between your routine sets, it burns your fat and improves your health.

If you’re looking for a challenge, add these exercises to your training routine every week. These are not stand alone exercises but rather used as a combination. Examples are burpees, mountain climbers, jumping, and tire run.

Cardio Burst Exercises

Increasing the intensity of your workouts can elevate your metabolism and accelerate your weight-loss goals. Incorporate cardio burst exercises between your strength-training sets to help burn fat and improve your overall health. Read more…

Lisa Hannam from says that this kind of workout is exactly as it sounds. It’s quick, intense, and effective. A lot of people think that cardio exercises like these are dull and tiresome, but the fitness community has developed a twist for cardio.

Cardiovascular activity is the center of this routine. It comprises of bodyweight resistance moves like jumps, sprints, and hops in between sets. This increases your pulse rate while shedding those pounds. This can get quite intense but with great results.

What Is Cardio Burst Training?

Simply put, a cardio burst is a short, intense bout of cardiovascular activity — including bodyweight resistance moves like jumps or hops, or high-intensity cardio like sprints — which is done between strength moves. This serves to elevate the heart rate and burn fat, while also training the cardiovascular system to recover more quickly from intense exercise. Read more…

Here’s another quick workout from the Fitness Blender:

To enhance your fat-burning routine, you have MusclePharm’s Amino-1. It has L-Carnitine that promotes fat burning effects. You can take Amino-1 before, after, or during your workout.

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Best Abs Superset Workout Programs

Achieving results in your workout routine is the most important part of working out. If you’re aiming to get leaner and tighter, there are various superset workouts that can definitely agree with your routine. Here, we’ve enlisted the best routines so far for you to get that perfect set of abs.

Let’s start with Diego Sebastian’s superset workout. The Muscle and Strength team caught up with the athlete and they were able to get hold of a list of his routines.

Diego Sebastian’s Arms & Abs Superset Workout

Diego trains with functional supersets that begin with a primary lift at 80% max weight. He then immediately supersets a second lift for the same muscle group but cuts the weight in half. This intensity technique gives him maximum growth in minimal time. Read more…

Up next is Eric Velazquez’s version of the superset routine. His is composed of supersets 1 and 2. The workout includes the following activities: ab wheel rollout, plank, double crunch and lying windshield wiper.


While the amount of detail in your abs is most directly related to what you stuff in your chew hole, don’t fool yourself into thinking that training them hard has somehow gone out of style.

Blasting your abs with challenging and constantly varying workouts is crucial if you expect to have a middle worth showing off. Too often, we become stuck in the same remedial array of exercises, sets and reps, allowing the miracle of adaptation to rob us of any potential gains in muscle quality. By stepping things up and implementing more intense training protocols, you can swiftly enhance the appearance of your sixer. Read more…

Last but not the least; this is a 4-week challenge from Jimmy Pena and Joe Weubben. This is a month long, super intense workout routine. Just to set your expectations, the routine only gets tougher every week.


Supersets come in varying degrees of volume and intensity, which is clearly displayed over the four weeks of this program. Each week will be a 4-day split and will introduce a new method of supersetting, with week 1 being arguably the least challenging of training sessions and week 4 the most demanding. Read more…

If you’d like to improve your six-pack, go ahead and check this video from Men’s Health:


The best way to achieve a maximum ab-perfection is to pair these workout routines with an effective supplement. MusclePharm Creatine Black is a supplement that can definitely enhance stamina and muscle growth. The components of this drink facilitate increased muscle mass and training capacity. It even promotes muscle building so it’s going to be perfect for your workout!

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Ways to Achieve Strength Boosting Fitness with MusclePharm

There are various techniques to do when it comes to power-training. Coaches and trainers have their own version of the most appropriate boosting fitness routine.

When it comes to enhancing muscle size and growth, let’s consult Michael J. Rudolph, Ph.D.

Rudolph’s opinion about the modified Kaatsu Training looks promising. It appears that this training exercise is very remarkable when it comes to boosting power and increasing muscle size. Let’s check his report about this routine:


Modified Kaatsu Training for Enhanced Size and Strength

It is widely accepted that lifting heavy weight is absolutely required to effectively enhance muscular strength. Yet, an alternative training method using considerably lighter weight, known as Kaatsu training, has been shown to potently increase muscle strength and size. Read more…

Alex Zinchenko, a coach, shares his unconventional ways to spice up your workout routines. He suggested these unusual exercises that can give you maximum results:

9 Unusual Exercises That Will Boost Your Strength

Let’s face it. Strength training is a monotonous activity most of the time. Sometimes you get tired of the exercises you’ve been doing. Your body needs a break. It demands variety. Read more…

Let’s hear another set of tips from Jim Wendler, senior editor of Elite Fitness Systems. His suggestions ranged from the actual routine exercises, keeping training logs as well as balancing everything together:


Strength is the foundation of everyday acts of athleticism like hitting a 300-yard drive in golf and not-so-human feats like J.J. Watt’s 5’1″ box jump. Strength isn’t limited to muscle size and capacity. You see, when you get stronger, you’re better able to lose weight, run faster, and hit harder. Convinced you need to work on your strength? We’ve got 10 no-frills tips to help you make everything in your life feel just a little bit easier (and much lighter). Read more…

If you want to take it to the next level, here’s an exercise video from Men’s Health:


Maximum muscle capacity is achievable if you do everything right. Getting the right training and taking the right supplements should do the trick. MusclePharm’s Combat might be the perfect partner for you. If you’re building your muscle, MusclePharm Combat has pure protein source to support muscle building and recovery.

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Getting Serious About Squats: Your Basic Move To Gain Leg Muscle

Simply Shredded says that squatting is quite useful for increasing inches to your legs. It’s one of the most preferred choices because of its ability to add bulk to your wheels.

We know that executing a squat is not that simple so here is Jim Stoppani’s guide about this exercise. In addition to that, we’ve got some tips here so you’ll know more about squats.

Squat For Size: Want To Add Inches To Your Legs? Then You Need To Get Serious About The Squat

Bodybuilding greats (and squat scholars) eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and two-time Arnold Classic winner Kevin Levrone both swore by it as the lower-body mass-building movement. Read more…

Men’s Health UK says that in order for you to have massive and muscular legs, you have to execute this exercise. This is one way for you to achieve that. You can execute two rounds of calf work to get your legs ready.

For this leg session, you’ll be able to finish your complete lower body transformation in just 5-weeks. You can start grinding using the step-by-step guide complete with sets, rep, and rest count. Check it out:

Serious Squats

Squats, squats and more squats. That’s the way to get massive, match-winning muscle in your lower body. Finish off with two lots of calf work to get your legs shorts ready (who cares if it’s only February?) and this final legs session will complete your 5-week lower body transformation. You’re welcome. Read more…

Nerd Fitness talks about why you need squats in your routine. There are a lot of reasons but to be more specific, this kind of exercise is really needed if you’re trying to build muscle or even lose weight. Either way, you’re getting great benefits.

You may say that it’s a simple exercise, and we couldn’t agree with you more. However, just to make sure that you’re doing it the right way, Nerd Fitness has  taken the initiative to show you the ropes how to perform this move. Check it out:

Why You NEED Squats In Your Workout And How To Do Them Right

One of the best exercises for you, whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose weight (or both) HAS to be the squat. However, it’s also one of the most difficult exercises to do properly unless you actually know what you’re doing. Read more…

AskTheTrainer shares the video about “Body Weight Squats using Proper technique.”

If you’ve been working out for too long, you’ve probably heard of Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex. This formula has three components: 3 Leucine, 1 Isoleucine,  2 Valine.

These are essential amino acids that can help you with muscle development and maintenance. In other words, it helps decrease muscle damage while bulking up.  When you try to do your squats, you won’t have any problem with muscle repair.

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